So, have we been playing Wordle on easy all along? Technically, yes, but hard mode may make the game easier to play in the long run. Wordle players can make their daily guess more difficult by activating Hard Mode, which limits the player as they guess the daily word.

The main limitation of Wordle, the world’s most popular word game, is that it only allows for six guesses. This simple word game gives players six chances to guess the word of the day. After each attempt, the game will notify players if any of the letters in their guess appear in that day’s solution and are in the correct position. Wordle players can begin guessing today’s word with only this explanation of the game.

Wordle players can make their daily guess more difficult by activating Hard Mode, which limits the player as they guess the daily word.

What is Wordle Hard Mode?

Wordle is a simple daily game with simple rules and a new word to solve each day. Players who want to increase the game’s difficulty can do so by selecting the Hard Mode option. This option modifies the game’s rules to make the daily challenge a little more difficult: players must use all clues in each subsequent guess. This means that instead of using dummy guesses to fish for more letters, players must try to correctly guess the word with each attempt.

Playing wordle in hard mode is not like regular Wordle, where you can guess any five-letter word you want at any time to help you figure out the answer. Many people I know don’t play Wordle on Hard Mode, but they still follow the Hard Mode rules, repeating the same letters from guess to guess. However, if you’re stumped, Hard Mode eliminates the possibility of a Hail Mary! You can’t just throw out any word after the first round to try to narrow down your options.

How to enable/activate hard mode?

Enabling Hard Mode in Wordle is simple and quick, much easier than solving the Wordle puzzle.

To enable this optional feature, go to the settings menu at the top right of the browser. The first option in this settings menu will be to activate Hard Mode, followed by Dark Mode and Colorblind Mode. Some players may find Hard mode easier because it requires more critical thinking and relies less on wasted words. This can trick the brain into finding the actual solution faster than simply making up words with letters that haven’t previously been used.

With that option enabled, players can now begin the day’s Wordle puzzle using the Hard Mode rules. Players who use Hard Mode will have an asterisk (*) next to their shareable statistics to indicate that the attempt was completed using the optional rule. With this extra option enabled, players can make their daily Wordle game more difficult.

What does Hard Mode do?

Hard mode, in my opinion, does not make Wordle harder. It simply keeps you from making stupid mistakes. It ensures that any revealed hints are used in subsequent guesses. If you enter a word that does not contain any of the hints you’ve gathered, you’ll get a little pop-up informing you of your error. And, most importantly, it prevents you from submitting the incorrect word. So, in essence, it means you don’t waste a guess on a word that doesn’t contain a green or yellow letter.

Hard Mode may appear difficult, but it is a useful way to ensure you get to the right word as quickly as possible. The new additional rule prevents you from using up your six guesses on redundant words. By requiring you to use correct letters from previous guesses, the rule increases the likelihood that your next guess will be correct. Even if it isn’t, you might be able to land a couple more yellow and green letters, which will have to be used again in the next chance. This allows you to concentrate your guesses on words that may be correct, enhancing your overall experience.

Hard mode V/s Normal mode

  • In normal Wordle, you can experiment with any word.
  • However, in difficult mode, the hints revealed in your word (via colors) MUST be used in subsequent guesses. This means you can’t just make up a new word to try out new letters. It has to be a word in which you used the hints from the previous guess.
  • The search is becoming more focused.
  • I won’t give away the answer here, but it should help you think about how to approach Wordle’s Hard Mode. This is how it differs from the easier/normal version – it restricts you.
  • It’s worth noting that the ‘word of the day’ in both hard and normal mode is the same.

How to win in hard mode?

The best words to use in Wordle when attempting the puzzle with this new rule set will depend on where you are in the game. Different players have different strategies, but the best trick under these restrictive rules is to eliminate options. Players can make guesses to rule out common consonant clusters after determining the vowels in play. By removing the common components of consonant clusters, such as p, r, and l, players can quickly eliminate a large number of possible words. Furthermore, when players have multiple possible words to choose from, using the word with the most common letters between these possibilities optimizes the decisions for subsequent guesses.

Wordle Hard Mode Strategy

So, what is the strategy for guessing the word in a maximum of six attempts?

  • Make every guess with extreme caution. Because Wordle is not timed, you can take your time. You can also return to the puzzle later in the day or night to continue – the website will remember your previous day’s guesses.
  • Begin with the word with the most vowels. Here’s our list of the best words to start with.
  • You must narrow down your word search to match it and make the most of it based on the hints you receive. For example, if R appears as yellow in one location, remember to use it in a DIFFERENT location in your next guess.

Hard Mode isn’t that much more difficult; it’s just a different way to play.