As word finders know, the game is all about the bingos. You can clear your rack and rack-up points by remembering these simple, short words compiled by us. These fans are well aware that the game’s all-too-often elusive prize is bingo, which occurs when a player uses all seven tiles at the same time to form a word.

Because these words are somewhat familiar, memorizing them should be a lot easier, and your next game of finding high-scoring short words with A should be a lot easier.

To win the game, memorize these high-scoring short words with a

  • a
  • abandon
  • ability
  • able
  • about
  • above
  • abroad
  • absence
  • absolute
  • absorb
  • abuse
  • academic
  • accept
  • according
  • account
  • across
  • act
  • action
  • activity
  • actually
  • add
  • address
  • administration
  • admit
  • adult
  • affect
  • after
  • again
  • against
  • age
  • agency
  • agent
  • ago
  • agree
  • agreement
  • ahead
  • air
  • all
  • allow
  • almost
  • alone
  • along
  • already
  • also
  • alternative
  • although
  • always
  • American
  • among
  • amount
  • analysis
  • and
  • animal
  • another
  • answer
  • any
  • anyone
  • anything
  • appear
  • apply
  • approach
  • appropriate
  • approval
  • approve
  • approximately
  • architect
  • area
  • argue
  • arm
  • around
  • arrive
  • art
  • article
  • artist
  • as
  • ask
  • assume
  • at
  • attack
  • attention
  • audience
  • auto
  • author
  • authority
  • available
  • avoid
  • Away

We use a number of short A words on a daily basis. In other words, while it is still useful and interesting, it is not used as frequently as it should be. We’ll take it a step further by looking at a list of 50 words that start with the letter A, as well as their definitions and example sentences.

Words Beginning with “A”: Definitions and their Examples


  • Meaning: (VERB) to increase by connecting more than one of something.
  • Take one walnut and add three pistachios for a total of four nuts.


  • Meaning: (NOUN) A period used to determine a person’s life length. From the moment you were born until now. To get older (VERB)
  • The average age of the children is seven.


  • Meaning: (NOUN) a feeling of awe or deep admiration
  • Example: I’ve always considered artisans with awe.


  • The term (NOUN) refers to a large, tailless primate.
  • The male ape defends his females against other males.


  • Meaning: (NOUN) A creative outlet for skilled individuals.
  • The healing powers of art have transformed them.


  • To enquire (VERB)
  • If you ask a silly question, you will get a silly response.


  • Meaning: (NOUN) A chopping tool with a rectangular blade.
  • She used an ax to cleave his skull.


  • Meaning: (ADJECTIVE) a person who is capable of doing something.
  • Journalists will be able to preview the exhibition tomorrow.


  • (NOUN) Pain that is dull.
  • She had a bad ache.


  • (NOUN) A person’s mother or father’s sister.
  • My aunt always goes to bed at nine o’clock.


  • (ADVERB) doesn’t come close
  • Far away, the hills are blue.


  • Meaning: (ADVERB) Located at a higher altitude.
  • An example: There is no wealth above the wealth of health.


  • Meaning: (ADVERB) At least once repeating.
  • You can’t go back again in time.


  • Meaning: (VERB) to accept and integrate into a family.
  • The national assembly has voted to adopt the budget.


  • (VERB) to acclimate to a change.
  • You must adapt to your new class.


  • Meaning: (VERB) To adore, even to the point of worship.
  • For instance, I adore how you’ve styled your hair!


  • Exactly the same (ADVERB).
  • The twins may appear alike, but their personalities are very different.


  • (NOUN) A sound that serves as a warning.
  • The thief was scared away by the alarm, for instance.


  • Meaning: (VERB) Wake up from your slumber.
  • A child’s natural curiosity should be awakened at school.


  • (NOUN) The fourth month
  • The cruelest month is April.


  • (NOUN) The eighth month
  • On August 9th of that year, troops invaded.


  • Not dead (adjective)
  • The baby was kept alive for six weeks by doctors.


  • With no one else (ADJECTIVE)
  • They are never alone when noble thoughts accompany them.


  • Meaning: (VERB) to imprison
  • A police officer has the authority to make an arrest.


  • Meaning: (ADJECTIVE) vehemently enraged
  • The dog was angry and belligerently bristled up.


  • (NOUN) A joint located just above the foot.
  • She’ll need an operation on her ankle.


  • Meaning: (adjective) in the middle of the spectrum between good and bad.
  • The average salary is correlated with the length of education.


  • (NOUN) When cooking, a covering is used.
  • She wore an apron around her waist.


  • (ADVERB) To a great extent
  • When I first saw the bill, I was absolutely taken aback.


  • (NOUN) The season following Summer.
  • The book will be released in the autumn.


  • (NOUN) A location where planes land and passengers are picked up.
  • The government expropriated the land in order to build an airport.


  • (NOUN) A person who pretends to be someone or something they are not.
  • He is well-known as a character actor all over the world.


  • (ADJECTIVE) Not present
  • He had no experience with love during his childhood, hence love was absent.


  • Meaning: (ADJECTIVE) Movement is involved.
  • Powell was found unfit for active duty.


  • Meaning: (VERB) To express a high level of approval or respect for someone or something.
  • He took a step back to admire the artwork.


  • Meaning: (NOUN) The aisle in the store where people walk.
  • Would you prefer a window seat or an aisle seat?


  • Meaning: (NOUN) A strategy for achieving a goal. Frequently kept a secret.
  • The agenda i
  • Nearly (ADVERB)
  • I almost was on the verge of making the team.


  • (ADVERB) each and every time.
  • Men’s personalities aren’t always written on their foreheads.


  • Meaning: (VERB) Something that makes you laugh or makes you want to laugh
  • To amuse the kids, he made funny faces.


  • (VERB) To respond to a question
  • The teacher was unable to answer the philosophical question.


  • Accept the situation as it is.
  • I had no choice but to accept because of the circumstances.


  • Meaning: (PRONOUN) Whoever it is that you are talking about.
  • Is there anyone here who speaks Japanese?


  • North Pole (NOUN)
  • Have any fish in the Arctic Ocean been contaminated?


  • Meaning: (VERB) to disagree verbally
  • Why do you disagree with me, or always keep arguing?


  • Meaning: (VERB) Make a decision based on speculation rather than facts.
  • Many daughters assume that their mothers are impregnable.


  • Meaning: (NOUN) A person who expresses themselves through art.
  • This is unmistakably the work of a great artist.


  • (VERB) To do is to give.
  • She’ll assign research papers later in the year, for instance.


  • (NOUN) A record of a person’s actions or transactions.
  • Their escrow account had Rs 96,000 in it.