I am sure you must have heard about the Wordle game till now. Have you ever seen those little blue and green tiles shared on your group chat? Or is your friend searching for a five-letter word frantically on the internet saying what words can I make with these letters? Then there is a high chance that they are obsessed with this five-letter viral word game. But do you know what Wordle is?

Wordle is a simple online word game developed by Josh Wardle. It is a web-based puzzle that requires players to guess a five-lettered word in six or fewer tries. After each guess, the color of the tiles changes to show how close your guess was to the word. It is not your typical newspaper and magazine crossword that provides you with a hint about the word. It is a brain teaser game that is the perfect source for your entertainment, it also helps you think out of the box and broaden your vocabulary. The best thing about Wordle is that people of any age can play it, it has no age restriction. Several celebrities have even shared on Twitter and Instagram that they are fans of this game. This game is popular and has around 300,000 users (about half the population of Wyoming) denoted in January 2022. It even has a hard mode if you want a challenge.

One of the advantages of Wordle is that there are no ads or anything to distract you from concentrating on your game. As you must have seen, most of the free game websites add a lot of advertisements. It is free to use and does not use any other advertising to make money. Another fascinating thing about Wordle is that there is no hint to help you to guess the word. The players must rampage up their brains to look for clues and must guess the word all on their own.

Credit: Wordle


Wordle is an easy game to play. All you need to do is enter five-letter words, and the tile will change colors according to how close your guess was. Like gray color tiles mean that word was not in today’s words. And yellow color tiles mean that the word is correct but in the wrong position. Green color tiles mean that the word is also correct, and they are also in the right position.

Players enter the letters from the virtual keyboard in the blank tiles and when they are satisfied with the word, they press the submit button, and when the word is right and in the right place then the tiles turn green. A new Wordle is available for you each day after every game.


Wordle players need all kinds of strategies as we all get too competitive playing games. In particular, people find the most problem in selecting the start word for their game. The English alphabet has 26 letters with both vowels and consonants and the number of meaningful words you can form from this is countless. So, what we need is a strong plan to conquer it.


SELECTING THE FIRST WORD: Choosing the first word in this word game is the most important as it opens the stratagem. As per my side, research from pro-players has shown that using most of the vowels in the first word is the best strategy. You can use words like ‘aecia,’ ‘aioli.’ Tyler Glaile, a game designer, researched what should be the best word to start and he found ‘route’ to be perfect for it.

TRY TO AVOID USING GRAYS: There is a keyboard at the bottom side of the Wordle board that shows what letters are green, yellow, and gray. Avoid reusing letters that have come up gray. Yes, I know, you must be thinking, that is obvious but being patient during this game is important. It can take time and effort to think of five-letter words that do not use letters you have already tried. The effort will surely pay off.

FOCUS ON THE PATTERNS: If you have not noticed patterns on Wordle then notice it now. Wordle often uses the same letter patterns repeatedly. So, if you are not getting any clue about what the word might be then use the repeated pattern that you noticed.

WORDLE SOLVER: Wordle Solver is the perfect reference tool for you to cheat while playing Wordle. The WordTips word solver is the foremost tool that solves all your Wordle problems in a single place.

Here, in Wordle Solver you can enter all the colored words and find all the possible words. You can enter the green, gray, and yellow letters separately and find what word is the most closely related. It is my favorite go-to tool when my brain seems to stop working. This tool is invaluable when you need to win Wordle.

LAST OPTION: The last and probably the best strategy to play wordle is to try five different words in the first five guesses. This opens your mind to different options and the thrill we get when we get the right word on the sixth guess.

Wordle is now officially a part of the New York Times online games portfolio and is free for everyone to use, additionally, it also preserves all your wins and streaks. It is a new outrage among all the word keen, nerdy people and as I am one of the many, I must say this game is fantastic to play and will surely bring a smile to your face when you get your everyday word right.