If you can’t get enough Wordle in one day and wish you could make up for lost time and Wordle puzzles, the Wordle archive is here to save the day.

Wordle has been around since June 2021, but it took approximately six to seven months for it to catch on and take over all of your social media feeds. The word game has become a ritual for many people, providing a welcome distraction from what appears to be an endless stream of “unprecedented events” and bad news—as well as a way to stay in touch with friends by sharing scores, or Wordle tips and tricks daily.

Are you looking for a Wordle Archive?

We compiled a list of old Wordle answers to determine the correct answer for each day. Because many Wordle archives appear to be disappearing these days, we’ll be updating ours daily with historical answers so you can see what you’ve missed.

We’ll also look into why Wordle archives appear to be disappearing from the internet, which has been happening since the New York Times took over the popular word game. In addition, we’ll provide instructions on how to play previous Wordle challenges.

If you and your Wordle friends want to play old Wordle puzzles, the internet heard you and didn’t let you down. There are several ways to browse the Wordle archive.

What is Wordle Archive?

You can play all previous word games on Wordle Archive. Devang Thakkar, a computational biologist, created the archive, which includes dark and color blind modes. Thakkar’s Wordle Archive is a collection of every Wordle puzzle that has ever been released.

  • According to Duke University’s research blog, Thakkar created the archive over a weekend after being introduced to Wordle by his roommate and wanting to access the game’s older puzzles.
  • Thakkar wrote on the archive’s GitHub page — think of it as the game’s back-end, where the code for the archive lives — “Wordles Past Remembrance,” and that he wanted to make it “because I wanted to go back to Wordles that I had missed.”
  • Unlike other Wordle knock-offs, Thakkar’s archive contains the exact puzzles released by the original Wordle game, with the same correct final words — not just random puzzles similar to those offered by Wordle.
  • Thakkar claims on his GitHub that he used the Selenium browser automation framework to set the time on his computer to a previous day, allowing him to access the Wordle for that day. He used the program to “return in time and obtain answers” to previous Wordles, which are now archived.
  • Each day, the archive appears to be updated with the previous day’s puzzle. When users play the 228th Wordle puzzle on the official Wordle site today, they can access past Wordles up to the 227th puzzle.

How to play Wordle Archive?

The archive contains the exact Wordle puzzles that the official game has previously released — not just random words that other Wordle knock-offs have used — and users can play the backlog of puzzles in any order. Thakkar’s archive contains more than 200 games.

  • The archive, unlike the official Wordle, does not have a daily limit, so users can play as many puzzles as they want at the same time.
  • Once on the game page, you can complete the puzzles in any order you want. The default page will take you to the first-ever Wordle, from which you can work in chronological order by clicking “next” at the top of your screen, or you can navigate to any number puzzle by clicking “choose.”
  • The game works in the same way as the original Wordle, with the same colors indicating whether a guess is correct or incorrect.
  • Like the original Wordle, you can share your results from the archive by clicking the “share” button that appears after you finish.

List of Wordle Answers

Below is a list of all previous Wordle solutions so you can get a sense of what Wordle is all about and so you’ll know which words to avoid guessing in future Wordles.

  • Thursday 09 June (#355): GIRTH
  • Wednesday 08 June (#354): TRAIT
  • Tuesday 07 June (#353): FLOOD
  • Monday 06 June (#352): GLOOM
  • Sunday 05 June (#351): DEPTH
  • Saturday 04 June (#350): FROTH
  • Friday 03 June (#349): PHASE

Wordle Archive is gone

Wordle, which took the world and the internet by storm earlier this year, is now owned by the New York Times. And, while it’s still largely the same addictive game and productivity killer, your favorite Wordle archive has been decommissioned.

According to a post on the archive’s website, Devang Thakkar’s Wordle archive has been removed after The New York Times requested that Thakkar do so. Thakkar started on the archive website that it was a “fun three months” running the archive, but “all good things must come to an end.” Metzger Media previously shut down another Wordle archive in March after The New York Times made a similar request.

Unfortunately, the New York Times has requested that the Wordle Archive be removed. You can, however, continue to play the daily Wordle on their official website.

Why was the Wordle Archive removed?

The usage was unauthorized, and we contacted them, Wordle’s new owner explained.

When was the Wordle Archive removed?

Previously, the Wordle Archive displayed a list of old playable puzzles that were great for when you finished your daily Wordle a little too quickly and were left wanting more. Fortunately, our old pal the Web Archive has frozen the Wordle Archive in time, though it remains stuck on Day 257, March 3rd, 2022.

If you want to try some of our original word games, try Word Grid, Thesaurdle, or any of the other games listed below. You can still play as many Word Guess puzzles as you want. More games will be added to the site shortly, so stay tuned!

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